How well do you know RATATOUILLE? – QUIZ

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    What is the main characters name?

    • Remy
    • Ratatouille
    • Renard
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    Where is the film set?

    • London
    • Rome
    • Paris
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    What makes Remy so special?

    • He can talk to humans.
    • He can cook.
    • He can sing.
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    Why does Remy’s family have to leave their home?

    • They run out of food.
    • Some bigger rats move in.
    • They get attacked by an old woman who lives there.
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    Who is Anton Ego?

    • A scary restaurant critic
    • Remy’s dad
    • A famous tv chef
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    Who is Linguini’s real father?

    • Anton Ego
    • Auguste Gusteau
    • Chef skiner
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    How does Remy manage to cook at the restaurant?

    • He whispers instructions to Linguini.
    • He doesn’t cook
    • He controls Linguini by pulling his hair.
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    What’s the name of the restaurant where Linguini works?

    • Gusteau’s
    • Renoir’s
    • Barry’s
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    What is Gusteau’s motto?

    • Cooking is easy.
    • Anyone can cook.
    • No one can cook.
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    What dish does Remy give to Ego to try and impress him?

    • Duck a l’orange
    • Spaguetti bolognese
    • Ratatouille
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    Who is Emile?

    • The head chef at the restaurant.
    • Remy’s brother.
    • Remy’s father.
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    What happens after Remy’s success with Anton Ego?

    • He becomes the famous chef in France.
    • He becomes Anton’s personal chef.
    • Th restaurant is closed down for being unhyenic.
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    Who helps Linguini and Remy learn how to cook?

    • Colette
    • Chef skinner
    • Gusteau’s ghost
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    Who plays Remy?

    • Patton Oswalt
    • Jimmy Kimmel
    • Steve Carrell
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    What’s the name of the restaurant Remy, Colette and Linguini open at the end of the film?

    • La Escargot
    • La Pain en fromage
    • La Ratatouille
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    Why doesn’t Remy walk on all fours?

    • Because he can’t.
    • Because he’s trying to be more human.
    • Because he doesn’t want to keep washing his front paws.
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    What dish does Remy fix when he first arrives at Gusteau’s?

    • The soup
    • The omelette
    • The ratatouille
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    What’s Remy’s dad’s name?

    • Emile
    • Jacques
    • Django
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    How many stars did Gusteau’s have after Anton Ego gave his first negative review?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
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    What year was Ratatouille released?

    • 2008
    • 2007
    • 2009

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